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Your Reliable EV Charger Manufacturer

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Manufacturing all kinds of world-class and custom-made EV Chargers from China

Your Reliable EV Charger Manufacturer in China
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Your Premier EV Charger Manufacturer in China

As an experienced manufacturer, IEVPower can provide one-stop electric vehicle charger solutions for homes or businesses.

We have a wide range of chargers to meet the needs of all types of electric vehicles and charging requirements. Our EV charger products include Portable EV Chargers, Level 2 EV Chargers, Level 3 Fast EV Charger Stations, and our proprietary OCPP-compliant EV Charging & Smart Load Management.

We specialize in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling white-label EV chargers for your electric vehicles. Safety Certified by CE, TUV, UKCA, ISO, UL, SAA, CB, and RoHS, our electric vehicle charger products are built to the highest global standards with advanced technology, providing the best quality and performance for you.

IEVPower also provides tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers and works with them to identify the most cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions.

Leading EV Charger Manufacturer in China
15 Years Manufacturing Experience

Customized on Demand

We are intensely focused on delivering 360° fully branded EV charging experience to boost your EV charging business. It fully supports the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Eco-friendly Charging
Cost Effective
EV Drivers Services
Fast Delivery Low MOQ

We have EV chargers in stock to support fast delivery. You can also start with 1 set sample at wholesale price. Drive the Future with IEVPower Smart EV charging stations!

Full Certification

Our EV chargers are designed and manufactured with utmost precision and care to the highest international standards, including CE, ISO, RoHS, and more.

Explore All Kinds Of EV Charging Solutions

Convenient, Reliable, Affordable
Our state-of-the-art home charging stations are designed to give EV owners a convenient way to charge their vehicles at home or on the go. Home EV Chargers are designed for safety and durability and are backed by a comprehensive warranty program.
Our commercial EV chargers are designed to work with any electric vehicle and are compatible with most grid systems. They come equipped with intelligent charging functionality, which allows for reduced energy costs and efficient scheduling for multiple cars.
IEVPower’s DC fast charging station is a reliable and cost-effective electric vehicle (EV) charging solution. The charger has a high power output capable of quickly and efficiently charging vehicles up to 350kW for your logistic fleets, fuel retailers, or transit bus operators.
IEVPower offers portable EV chargers for maximum portability – it’s lightweight and requires no installation. Plus, its waterproof design makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Our Portable EV Charger is an excellent option for anyone who wants to keep their electric vehicle powered up when they’re on the go.
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Industry-Leading Smart Charging Solution
Dynamic Load Balancing EV Charger DLB
Dynamic Load Balancing

DLB is an efficient solution for reducing energy costs without the need to upgrade a building’s grid connection. The feature also optimizes the load distribution to get the most out of your current capacity.

PEN Fault Detection device EV Charger manufacturing China
PEN Fault Detection

With its superior safety features and reliability, the PEN Fault Detection Monitor is an ideal choice for any customer looking to ensure the security of their electrical system.

Solar PV System car parking EV Charger manufacturer renewable energy
Compatible with Solar PV System

Our EV charger is designed to make it easy for customers to switch from conventional fuel sources to clean, renewable energy sources without breaking the bank or compromising on convenience or reliability.

Type B RCD Leakage Protection EV Charger manufacturing China
Built-in Type B RCD for Leakage Protection

This device detects any leakage current or short circuit, immediately cutting off the power supply in order to protect people and property from potential danger.

Energy Management

EV Charging API Cloud Management System

With the OCPP EV Charging Platform, EV owners, operators, and developers can enjoy a secure, reliable, and efficient EV charging experience. Our platform is designed to meet the highest safety and security standards and is regularly updated to ensure that it is always up to date with the latest OCPP version. With our platform, EV owners can rest assured that their vehicles are always charged safely and efficiently.



Industry-Leading Smart Charging Solution

"As a logistics company, we were looking for the perfect charging solution for our electric vehicle fleet. We tried several options in the market, but none of them seemed to meet our needs until we partnered with IEVPOWER. Their charging solutions have been exceptional, and their team has worked closely with us to ensure that all our requirements were met."

Ricardo Cossi Head of Sales and Marketing, FleetAce
EV charging solution for logistics fleets China factory

"Integrating electric vehicles into our workplace presented us with a unique set of challenges, particularly when it came to charging infrastructure. After researching various options in the market, we decided to partner with ievpower for their expertise in providing innovative EV charging solutions. We appreciate the level of professionalism and attention to detail that ievpower brings to the table."

Islam Taha Co-Founder of Smarter Space
EV charging solution for your workplace

"As a startup energy company, it was imperative for us to find a reliable and efficient EV charging manufacturer for our business. After researching various options, we decided to partner with ievpower, and we haven't looked back since. Their charging stations are top-of-the-line, user-friendly, and have been instrumental in helping us achieve our sustainability goals."

Arthur Savonneau Site Operations Manager at Chargerz