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Top 50 Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers

Top Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers

Electrical control panels are essential to control and monitor electrical circuits in many sectors like industrial automation, power generation, oil and gas, infrastructure, etc. With increasing automation and the complexity of equipment, the demand for high-performance and reliable control panels is growing continuously.

We have reviewed and compiled a list of top electrical control panel manufacturers globally known for providing robust and innovative solutions.

EBI Electric Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

EBI Electric is a family-owned company providing industrial electrical services since 1946. With 135 employees, EBI Electric serves manufacturing companies in North America and Europe. They offer various services, including control panel manufacturing, industrial automation, high-temperature motor manufacturing, electrical installations, troubleshooting, and thermography.

They also sell electrical hardware, repair electric motors, and do the dynamic balancing. An essential service EBI Electric provides is control panel manufacturing. They design and build over 3,000 CSA/UL-certified control panels annually for various industrial uses. EBI Electric works with many brands and helps customers choose cost-efficient, high-quality control panels that meet their needs. As an authorized distributor of 50,000+ electrical parts, EBI Electric can build panels to a customer’s specifications and standards.

EBI Electric adheres to strict quality control standards. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified and accredited by CSA US, CE, and the Electrical Safety Authority. EBI Electric is a licensed electrician in Quebec and Ontario, demonstrating their commitment to quality and safety. Overall, EBI Electric leverages 7 decades of experience to provide industrial companies with customized, cost-effective electrical solutions.

Highlights: Power output control panel, Motor Control Centre (MCC), Control panel for boiler, dust collector, ventilation or irrigation system, Servomotor control panel for positioning and motion control, Relay logic control panel, Programmable logic controller or PLC control panel, Communication or remote sensing control panel, Safety and security application control panel,Electropneumatic application control panel

IndustLabs Industrial Process Automation Services Company

IndustLabs is an engineering company that provides various industries with automation and control solutions, especially custom electrical control panels. Founded in 2018, IndustLabs has experience working with companies in food and beverage, oil and gas, automotive, and other sectors. Beyond control panels, IndustLabs offers full-scale industrial automation integration services.

They have a reputation for high-quality, customized work at competitive prices. IndustLabs’ consultative approach helps clients develop solutions, from motor starters and PLC panels to process controls and load banks. They can integrate systems with their Industrial Internet of Things platform to enable data-driven insights.IndustLabs’ panels range from simple to highly complex. They are UL-certified and able to serve hazardous locations. IndustLabs handles all aspects of a project, from design to installation.

They build pre-designed, multi-motor, and VFD controls and offer express shipping. IndustLabs specializes in panels for OEM machines and can provide UL 508A-listed panels. Led by Texas A&M alumni Uziel Salgado, IndustLabs’ engineers can design industrial controls for any need. They strive to reduce costs and increase efficiency and quality for OEM clients across industries.

IndustLabs offers installation, support, and after-sales service so clients can focus on their business. IndustLabs is a reliable engineering partner for customized automation and electrical controls. With experience across sectors and a commitment to service, IndustLabs helps industrial companies gain data-driven insights and optimize their operations.

ESL Power Systems, Inc

ESL Power Systems is an employee-owned company that designs and manufactures custom electrical equipment. Founded in the 1990s, ESL provides power solutions for commercial and industrial companies worldwide. ESL’s vision is to be a trusted partner for safe, reliable, tailored electrical solutions.

ESL produces safety-interlocked reefer outlets and emergency power hookups for portable generators. They also make ShowSwitch power distribution units for entertainment venues. With over 25 years of experience, ESL applies expertise and innovation to meet expanding power distribution needs. They specialize in safety-interlocked solutions that are safe, reliable, easy to use, and improve efficiency. Headquartered in California, ESL serves global markets, focusing on service, budget adherence, and on-time delivery.

ESL is the leader in safety-interlocked power for cord-connected equipment. Their mission is to enable essential infrastructure and supply chains with eco-friendly solutions.ESL’s core values drive their business: excellence in customer service; accountability; continuous improvement; adaptability; and ownership. These values guide ESL’s operations, customer service, and employee culture.

ESL aims to promote sustainability and implement a bold vision for the company.ESL builds custom control panels and electrical equipment to client specifications. They offer UL certifications for a variety of standards. ESL provides custom window kits for any enclosure and has local/global manufacturing capabilities for petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water, power, alternative energy, and OEM industries.

ESL Power Systems is a dedicated, innovative employee-owned company providing tailored power solutions and electrical equipment for essential sectors worldwide. With a focus on service, quality, and sustainability, ESL enables safe and efficient power distribution for their global clients.

PanelTEK LLC Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer


PanelTEK started in 2000 as an outsourcing partner for control panel manufacturing. Headquartered in Wisconsin, the company is now an established high-quality panel shop serving customers across several states. PanelTEK’s experienced engineers have extensive knowledge of electrical control panels and manufacturing processes.

They provide innovative and reliable solutions tailored to customers’ needs while optimizing cost and efficiency. PanelTEK’s ISO-certified and UL-listed operations ensure high quality. Their careful project management and certified staff enable timely delivery within budget. PanelTEK’s collaborative approach, open-door policy, and diverse expertise facilitate creative solutions.

With two facility expansions since 2006, PanelTEK has the capacity and capabilities to manage complex projects from design to software development and startup support.

Automation Controls OEM Panels

Automation Controls OEM Panels is a 50-year-old control panel manufacturer located in Virginia. Founded in 1966 by an experienced engineer, the company started by providing customized panels and instrumentation with on-site services. Automation Controls has since become a leader in the industry, serving national clients.

Automation Controls’ specialty is building high-quality, UL-certified control panels for equipment manufacturers. Their experienced staff and advanced technologies enable innovative, cost-efficient solutions. Most of Automation Controls’ long-term customers choose them for their unmatched expertise and responsiveness.

In 2020, Automation Controls introduced automated equipment to optimize production. This allows for completing enclosure modifications before the parts arrive, speeding up the process.

Control panel manufacturers fall into five categories. Dedicated manufacturers like Automation Controls specialize in panel building, providing the highest quality but requiring extensive customer input. Parts distributors and contractors build panels to expand their business, often needing more expertise. Integrators implement control systems but may outsource panel building. Equipment manufacturers produce in-house seminars with variable quality.

Automation Controls helps equipment manufacturers improve their products by providing superior control panels and simplifying their business. They create a win-win relationship, enabling each other’s success through new opportunities and problem elimination. Automation Controls aims to build mutually beneficial partnerships.

In summary, Automation Controls Inc. is a reputable control panel manufacturer. Their specialization, experience, and technologies facilitate high-quality, customized solutions to meet clients’ needs. They help equipment manufacturers enhance their packages through a win-win collaboration. Among options, dedicated control panel manufacturers offer the highest quality and service.

Cangro Industries Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Cangro Industries Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Cangro Industries is a full-service supplier of electromechanical power transmission products and motion control systems. Founded in 1960, Cangro provides innovative solutions for OEMs and MROs.

Cangro’s experienced engineers offer custom electrical control panels built to the highest quality and safety standards. Cangro’s machining, fabrication, and welding facilities enable repairing, refurbishing, and upgrading equipment and cost-effective custom solutions.

With locations in New York and New Jersey, Cangro maintains an extensive product inventory and provides superior service through knowledgeable professionals. Their expertise covers various applications and industries. Cangro’s innovative, cutting-edge technologies and customer-centric culture facilitate premier service and competitive solutions.

Cangro helps maximize return on investment through increased productivity and improved design. Their turnkey automated control systems reduce costs from incompatibility and multiple purchase orders. Cangro provides plant surveys and personnel training.

In summary, Cangro Industries is a reputable full-service supplier of motion control products and solutions. Their experience, facilities, inventory, and customer service enable high-quality custom solutions and cost-effective options for maximizing system effectiveness. Cangro’s superior service and innovative culture aimed at total customer satisfaction build its competitive advantage. Their turnkey control systems increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Paneltronics Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Paneltronics Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Paneltronics designs and manufactures high-quality instrument panels, power systems, electrical enclosures, and components for industrial, specialty vehicle, marine, and military applications worldwide. Paneltronics’ research, development, and design efforts generate innovative solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

Paneltronics’ 200+ years of combined experience and advanced technologies facilitate superior electrical and mechanical engineering. Their assembly processes and cross-trained staff enable maximum productivity, efficiency, and quality. Paneltronics provides in-house CAD design, CNC machining, engraving, sheet metalworking, welding, painting, and plastic injection molding.

Paneltronics helps growing manufacturers meet dynamic needs. They study requirements to provide the best solutions, building long-term relationships. Paneltronics’ computerized equipment allows high-precision, high-volume production with tight tolerances. Their silkscreen printing and painting withstand harsh environments. Paneltronics’ tooling and molding deliver high quality at a low cost for large volumes.

Paneltronics is an innovative industry leader providing turnkey solutions for power and instrumentation systems worldwide. Their experience, technologies, and in-house capabilities enable customized, high-quality products and cost-effective manufacturing at any volume. Paneltronics works closely with customers to understand their needs fully and provides superior solutions for efficiency and productivity. Their advanced, automated, and environmentally resistant processes build competitive advantages.

Automation Displays Inc Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Automation Displays, Inc

Automation Displays, Inc. (ADi) was founded in 1971 to produce graphic control panels. ADi started serving the process control and transit industries, then expanded into building automation, security, fire signaling, oil and gas, and industrial controls. Headquartered in Wisconsin, ADi provides solutions worldwide, predominantly in North America and the Middle East.

ADi’s expertise covers mechanical engineering, embedded and industrial controls, relay logic, signaling, and various programming languages and protocols. ADi builds long-term customer relationships through understanding applications, production, installation, and commissioning in demanding industries.

ADi’s UL-certified custom electrical control panels and enclosures are engineered for any size project. ADi helps design solutions, select components, and provide high-quality, long-lasting results according to specifications. ADi offers steel, aluminum, or stainless steel enclosures and panels tailored to your needs.

In summary, ADi is an innovative manufacturer providing customized control panel solutions worldwide. Their experience, capabilities, and certification enable high-quality results engineered for reliability and durability in challenging applications. ADi works closely with customers to determine the optimal solution for their needs. ADi’s long-term approach to customer relationships and responsive service provides a foundation for their continued success.

M-Tech Control Corp Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

M-Tech Control Corp

M-Tech Control Corp. is a full-service control panel manufacturer serving OEMs worldwide. Founded in 1997, M-Tech operates a 25,000-square-foot facility in Pennsylvania. M-Tech provides UL-certified panels for various applications. M-Tech works closely with customers from concept to delivery. M-Tech aims to be a trusted partner, not just a vendor. Their responsive, flexible, and honest approach enables competitive pricing, high quality, and on-time delivery.

M-Tech’s experienced staff facilitates panel design, programming, fabrication, integration, and retrofitting. Their attention to detail, latest standards, and over 100 quality checks ensure customer needs are met. M-Tech accommodates any volume, from single panels to high-quantity orders. M-Tech helps OEMs avoid getting bogged down in panel building details. M-Tech specializes in standard and customized enclosures and engraved nameplates. Their thoroughly tested and documented panels meet specifications.

M-Tech Control Corp. is an innovative partner providing turnkey control panel solutions to OEMs worldwide. Their expertise, experience, attention to detail, and flexibility facilitate customized results tailored to industry customer needs. M-Tech’s dedication to quality, service, and trusted relationships ensures a superior solution at a competitive price on schedule. M-Tech simplifies its customers’ operations through a hassle-free experience from concept to delivery.

Electra-Tech Inc Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Established in 1972, Electra-Tech Inc. is a leading control panel manufacturer. Headquartered in Canada, Electra-Tech serves industries worldwide, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, food, beverage, and oil and gas.

Electra-Tech provides turnkey solutions from design to commissioning. Their experienced engineers and electricians facilitate custom panel building, enclosure assembly, and system integration for various applications. Electra-Tech works with major manufacturers, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Electra-Tech is ISO 9001 certified and offers CSA and UL certifications. Their state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous quality procedures enable results exceeding specifications. Electra-Tech aims to provide excellence, meet promised deadlines, and encourage customer involvement to deliver optimal solutions.

Electra-Tech’s goal is competitive, technically sound, high-quality, and cost-efficient manufacturing, sales, and service. They aim to provide exclusive control partnerships from concept to completion, offering value-added services rather than just handling RFQs.

In summary, Electra-Tech Inc. is an established leader in control panel solutions. Their experience, certification, technologies, and dedication to quality, service, and customer relationships enable turnkey results engineered for reliability and cost-efficiency. Electra-Tech’s collaborative approach and innovative services support its customers’ success through customized systems for safe and productive operations.

South Coast Controls Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

South Coast Controls is a UL-certified control panel manufacturer founded in 1986. Family-owned and engineered-driven, South Coast Controls serves industries worldwide. Their experienced specialists provide technical support and custom solutions for various applications. South Coast Controls aims for the highest quality and service. They work closely with major manufacturers to offer competitive pricing and resources. South Coast Controls’ quick turnaround and accurate quotes facilitate timely solutions, whether simple or complex.

South Coast Controls’ meticulous design process, from material layout to engineering approval, ensures professional, reliable results. Founded by engineers, South Coast Controls focuses on education, experience, and capability. They provide superior turnaround times and service through their skilled teams. Dedication, work ethic, communication, and teamwork are central to South Coast Controls’ culture, inspired by their late founder. South Coast Controls continues thriving through active family involvement and customer focus.

South Coast Controls is an established, certified control panel manufacturer providing custom-engineered solutions worldwide. Their experience, strategic partnerships, and company values enable high-quality, competitively priced, and timely results with superior service for total customer satisfaction. South Coast Controls’ turnkey solutions, supported at every stage, facilitate safety and productivity for their clients.

Power Industrial Controls Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Power Industrial Controls Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Power Industrial Controls is an innovative leader in customized control panels, founded in 1988. With locations in Wisconsin and Texas, Power Industrial Controls serves clients nationwide. Their 25 years of experience and cutting-edge technologies enable efficient, tailored solutions for any industry. Power Industrial Controls provides turnkey services from design to installation and service.

Their modern facilities and expertise facilitate state-of-the-art panels meeting precise needs. Power Industrial Controls aims to optimize clients’ productivity and power use through custom solutions rather than one-size-fits-all approaches. Power Industrial Controls, a subsidiary of Power Parts International, specializes in solid-state power cabinets and panels. Their history of innovation and dedication to quality set them apart. Power Industrial Controls services any manufacturer’s panels; their full-service approach supports total power control management.

In summary, Power Industrial Controls is an established provider of customized control panel solutions and services in the US. Their experience, technologies, and customer-centric approach enable innovative, high-quality results tailored to maximize efficiency, productivity, and power use. Power Industrial Controls simplifies power control through turnkey, customized solutions and servicing existing systems. Their strategic vision aims to meet current needs and facilitate future growth through optimal power and production management.

SIC Ltd Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Swansea Industrial Components (SIC) is a UK-based wiring harness, cable assemblies, and control panels manufacturer. Founded in 1964, SIC now serves over 100 clients across 20+ industries worldwide. SIC’s purpose-built facility and strategic partnerships facilitate large-scale, low-cost production while maintaining high quality.SIC provides turnkey services from design to delivery. Their engineering expertise and testing enable tailored solutions to meet precise specifications.

SIC assigns project managers to ensure quality, on-time results. SIC’s flexible, ISO-certified manufacturing process handles any volume. SIC’s diverse products include wiring for medical equipment, vacuums, beer coolers, and more. SIC’s control panels operate mechanical systems across applications. SIC’s reputation for customizable, reliable products yields high customer retention.

SIC aims to understand clients’ needs before determining the optimal process. SIC goes beyond filling orders to maximize clients’ productivity and efficiency. SIC’s value engineering identifies cost savings. SIC is an innovative, reputable manufacturer providing wiring, cabling, and control panel solutions worldwide. Their experience, technologies, certification, and flexibility facilitate high-quality, tailored results at a low cost for increased customer productivity.

SIC works closely with clients to determine the most effective solution before streamlining the process through value engineering and assigned project management. SIC’s strategic approach builds competitive advantage and long-term relationships.

Pearse Bertram+ Streamline Contract Manufacturing

In 1947, Pearse Bertram+ provided automation, process control products, and contract manufacturing in the US Northeast. Pearse Bertram+ now serves major OEMs globally across industries, starting in machine tools and hydraulics. Pearse Bertram+ aims to help customers with integrity, providing unmatched value. Their experience, supply chain, and technical capabilities facilitate comprehensive, high-quality solutions and products.

Pearse Bertram+’s holistic approach optimizes functionality and efficiency for any volume. Pearse Bertram+’s established supplier relationships increase efficiency, improving the functionality and reducing cost. Their priority supply access prevents issues, enabling on-time delivery. Pearse Bertram+’s value engineering identifies savings. Their diverse capabilities include electrical panels for industrial equipment, robotics, pneumatics, and hydraulics. Pearse Bertram+ supplies control panels for motor/pump control, PLC/HMI, heaters, robot controllers, and safety/vision.

Pearse Bertram+ integrates hydraulic/pneumatic and electrical components. Pearse Bertram+ is an innovative provider of automated control and process solutions. Their 70+ years of experience, supply chain, and technical expertise facilitate high-quality, cost-efficient products and manufacturing services to optimize operations. Pearse Bertram+ takes a holistic, value-focused approach to provide tailored solutions meeting precise specifications. Their strategic relationships and diverse capabilities enable Pearse Bertram+ to simplify and streamline customers’ supply chain management across functions.

Phoenix Control Systems Ltd

Phoenix Control Systems is a UK-based industrial control solutions provider founded in 2005. Phoenix’s 150+ years of combined experience enable the design, manufacturing, and integration of control systems for various sectors. Phoenix follows UK standards and works with leading brands, providing reliable, high-quality results. Phoenix aims to understand customers’ objectives fully, simplify its supply chain, decrease costs, and increase productivity through turnkey automation and control systems.

Phoenix’s services span initial consultation to training and support. Phoenix considers available space and future needs for effective, expandable solutions. Phoenix’s enclosures and components facilitate effective power distribution and heat dissipation. Phoenix’s installation and design services include PLCs, VFDs, contactors, and instrumentation. Phoenix’s layout optimizes functionality, production, and maintenance. Phoenix provides technical support through all phases, from design to beyond installation. Phoenix’s quality management approach focuses on customer needs, ensuring consistent, high-quality products and service.

Phoenix Control Systems is a reputable provider of industrial automation and control solutions. Their experience and strategic approach enable optimized, reliable results through a customer-centric process. Phoenix simplifies customers’ operations through tailored solutions designed for productivity, safety, quality, and cost efficiency both now and in the future. Phoenix’s dedication to service and quality builds its competitive advantage.

Ardea Technologies Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Ardea Technologies Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Ardea Technologies is an innovative control panel manufacturer founded over 30 years ago. Headquartered in Ontario, Ardea Technologies serves various global industries, including manufacturing, OEMs, power generation, water treatment, and automotive. Ardea Technologies aims to provide the best experience from concept to completion. Their control systems expertise spans design through documentation and on-site commissioning.

Ardea Technologies uses the latest technologies to obtain optimal results for any volume or application according to international standards. Ardea Technologies provides turnkey automation solutions. Their skilled workforce and investments in automation enable high-quality, on-time delivery. Ardea Technologies anticipates continued growth through superior service and solutions. Ardea Technologies builds control panels for industrial uses, utilizing steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass. They offer PLC/HMI programming for all platforms. Ardea Technologies is ISO 9001 certified, with CSA, UL, CE, and ATEX panel certification.

Ardea Technologies is an established, innovative provider of worldwide custom control panels and automation solutions for industrial operations. Their experience, technologies, expertise, and certifications facilitate tailored, high-quality results for safety, productivity, and compliance. Ardea Technologies helps clients optimize their productivity and supply chain management through a collaborative process and turnkey services backed by their dedication to excellence, quality, and service.

Accu Panels

Accu-Panels Energy Private Limited, founded in 2009, is a global manufacturer and supplier of electrical control panels and solutions based in India. Accu-Panels serves the power, solar, industrial, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Accu-Panels aims to provide quality products and services through continuous improvement and innovation. Accu-Panels is ISO 9001 certified and offers CPRI-approved panels.

Accu-Panels supplies India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Gujarat Energy Development Agency. Accu-Panels believes quality achieves customer satisfaction and success. Accu-Panels develops new products to provide leading solar and electrical providers. Accu-Panels manufactures panels from 6300A and 800V, specializing in motor control, power distribution, and automation. They export globally, recognized as a top 10 manufacturer.

Accu-Panels Energy Private Limited is an innovative, ISO-certified global provider of electrical and solar control panels and solutions. Their experience, certifications, and dedication to continuous improvement and excellence enable high-quality, reliable products tailored to customers’ needs. Accu-Panels simplifies operations through a collaborative approach that optimizes supply chain efficiency and productivity. Accu-Panels’ success results from its strategic vision to determine and meet the needs of leading power and technology companies worldwide.

Solution Control Systems Inc Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Solution Control Systems Inc

Solution Control Systems, founded in 2007, provides custom control panels and systems for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Headquartered in Canada, Solution Control Systems serves various industries worldwide.

Solution Control Systems aims to maintain strong relationships through quality, service, and competitive pricing. Their experience, certification, and supply chain enable innovative solutions tailored to precise specifications and standards. Solution Control Systems handles documentation, approvals, and as-builts, simplifying clients’ operations.

Solution Control Systems’ offerings include PLC, DCS, SCADA, VFD, power distribution, lighting control, relay interface panels, switchgear, instrument skids, shacks, and buildings. They specialize in VFDs for any environment, from Type 1 to explosion-proof. Solution Control Systems provides panels for Division and Zone systems, including intrinsically safe, increased safety, and hermetically sealed.

Solution Control Systems is an innovative provider of custom control panels and systems for industrial operations. Their experience, supply chain, and dedication to solid relationships built on quality, competitive pricing, and customer service facilitate high-quality solutions engineered to standards for safety and productivity. Solution Control Systems works closely with clients to determine optimal results from concept through completion and beyond. Their collaborative, turnkey approach aims to simplify operations through customized package handling automation, power control, and efficiency.

Alnico Electric Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Alnico Electric

Alnico Electric, founded in 2012, manufactures and exports heavy-duty electric control panels. They provide engineering solutions for power generation and distribution projects across various sectors. Their diverse range of CPRI-approved low-tension panels, solar junction boxes, and power factor solutions are robust, safety-focused, and conveniently installed. Having started small, occupying 8000 sq. ft.,

Alnico believes in quality over experience. Ranked second in ACDBs and top five for building panels in Gujarat, they aim to expand globally. Equipped with modern technology and machinery, Alnico develops innovative, efficient products to advance the electrical industry.

Envitech Automation Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Envitech Automation Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Envitech Automation, founded in 2009, designs, manufactures, and tests high-quality electrical control panels. Operating from their ISO 9001:2008 certified 16,700 sq. ft. facility in Quebec, they serve major OEMs, consultants, and end-users across industries. Offering turnkey solutions, robust quality control, and competitive pricing, Envitech helps optimize clients’ systems and reduces downtime.

With diverse, gold-standard certified expertise, and experience across sectors and projects meeting international standards, Envitech provides custom or standard panels and cases. From quoting through delivery, their “quality sequence” and validation ensures error-free, regulation-exceeding panels. Envitech’s turnkey solutions, current operations, and expert team enable any size order completion on schedule.

The Remaining Best 30 Electrical Control Panel Companies

Electrical Control Panel CompaniesLocation
TSTY Electric Co., LtdChina
Fujian Guozhiyun Information Technology Co., LtdChina
Jinpan (Yangzhou) New Energy Equipment Manufacturing CoChina
Shanghai Pumping Tech International CoChina
Dongguan Orient Electronics & Metal CoChina
Luoyang Bozhi Automatic Control Technology CoChina
Yueqing Aoda Electric Co., LtdChina
Guangxi Dikai Lightning Protection Engineering CoChina
Abel Energy Sourcing CompanyChina
Dongguan Domisi Technology CoChina
Tangshan Zhengcheng Electric Co., LtdChina
Yuhuan Wins Electric Co., LtdChina
Shenyang Guangxin Pioneer Traffic High Technology CoChina
Yueqing Aibeiken Electric CoChina
Wenzhou Xujie Electric CoChina
Zhejiang Zhegui Electric Co., LtdChina
Saftronics LimitedUK
Keltour Controls IncUSA
Brock SolutionsUSA & Canada
SM Control Engineering LtdUK
Simplex System Controls, IncUSA
ARA Electrical ServicesAustralia
Control Panels USAUSA
Bisel Manufacturing LLCUSA
Electrical Controls Manufacturing LtdIreland
Absolute Automation and Electrical Services IncUSA
Axis Controls (NW) LimitedUK
FMH Control SystemsUSA
Mitton Mechanical Services LtdUK


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