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Top 30 Electrical Transformer Manufacturers

Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturers

When it comes to electrical transformers, the stakes are high. The right manufacturer can make all the difference in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your electrical systems. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top 30 electrical transformer manufacturers, providing you with a comprehensive guide to the best in the business.

From industry giants to innovative startups, these manufacturers are transforming the way we generate, transmit, and distribute electricity. Read on to discover the companies that are setting the standard for quality and innovation in the world of transformers.

Maddox Industrial Transformer

Maddox Industrial Transformer is a U.S. manufacturer dedicated exclusively to commercial and industrial transformers. Founded by industry experts, Maddox provides dependable products, outstanding service, and integrity. They concentrate their skills on a single product line to best serve customers across industries who value speed, expertise, service, and convenience.

Maddox offers new, reconditioned, and rental transformers with quick delivery from extensive inventory or fast production. They also perform maintenance, repair, and buy surplus units. While serving major utilities and renewable energy clients, Maddox aims to create an exceptional employee experience that translates into great customer service. Maddox is focused on building strong relationships and maintaining a reputation for excellence.

MGM Transformer Company

MGM Transformer Company began as a dry-type transformer maker in 1975. MGM expanded into liquid transformers in 1982 and became the largest independent US transformer manufacturer by 1990. Initially operating solely in Los Angeles, MGM opened a Mexican facility in 1991 to produce low-voltage transformers, focusing US operations on medium-voltage units.

In recent decades, the electrical infrastructure and user needs changed, increasing the demand for specialized transformers. MGM responded by developing engineering expertise in sophisticated applications like drive isolation, traction duty, grounding, mining, and high-rise transformers.

MGM is the largest western US transformer company, with over 40 years of experience across markets. MGM offers a full range of dry and liquid transformers from 10kVA to over 10MVA, including substation, drive, and harmonic types, as well as stock units with 24/7 support.

With national and international reach, MGM prides itself on customer satisfaction and technical knowledge. MGM recently expanded its ready-to-ship transformer offerings. MGM’s 350,000 square foot US footprint, including a 120,000 square foot LA factory and domestic suppliers, allows MGM to qualify as “Made in America” for low and medium voltage, dry and liquid transformers.

MGM now uses IDEA Connector to provide timely product data and marketing to distributors, minimizing errors and returns. MGM says, “We’re focused on frictionless buying for customers and partners. IDEA Connector gives our channel network accurate, real-time information and pricing.”

MGM is committed to continual improvement in all areas, prioritizing customer satisfaction. MGM’s new packaging process will decrease freight claims and scratches. Through a commitment to technical expertise, customer experience, and quality, MGM Transformer Company established itself as the premier transformer provider in the Western United States.

Beijing Daelim Green Ep Tech Co., Ltd

Daelim is a professional transformer manufacturer and electrical equipment supplier with over 15 years of experience. Initially a transformer trader, Daelim sold affordable, high-quality Chinese transformers worldwide, gaining many loyal customers and becoming a leading exporter and contractor.

Daelim’s transformers meet various standards up to 900kV. Daelim has completed many overseas projects, providing installation and service. However, Daelim found customers increasingly wanted higher standards that few Chinese suppliers could meet.

To satisfy customers and add value, Daelim established its own factory and Belafic transformer brand. Drawing on trade experience, Daelim improved transformer design and performance, adopted advanced techniques, and explored new processes. Daelim now produces custom and standard transformers for global markets.
Daelim’s mission is honest, customer-focused cooperation to meet needs. Daelim aims to be a trusted global partner, providing professional, convenient service. Daelim’s equipment meets international standards, with quality assured by their factory and third-party labs.

With over 10 years’ experience in power infrastructure, Daelim confidently completes projects. Daelim provides supply chain management and after-sales service through global branches.
Daelim seeks to create reliable, high-tech products and services to power China and the world sustainably. Daelim’s people-centered philosophy relies on, develops, and rewards employees.

Through a commitment to standards, service, sustainability, and employees, Daelim transformed into an innovative transformer brand and global contender. Dedicated to adding value for customers, Daelim continues improving to become increasingly trusted worldwide.

Olsun Electrics Corporation Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Olsun Electrics Corporation

Olsun Electrics is a family-owned American transformer manufacturer designing and produced high-quality dry-type transformers for nearly 70 years. Initially serving equipment manufacturers in Chicago, the company now provides custom transformers globally for various applications.

Olsun produces a range of standard and customized transformers to suit any specification. They build all transformers to exceed industry standards and rigorously test them during production.

With a long history of experience, Olsun’s staff crafts reliable and innovative products. Olsun is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise that operates out of an 86,000-square-foot facility featuring cranes and an interior shipping area.

Olsun provides solutions for the most challenging environments across many industries. Whether a standard or custom unit, Olsun can meet any transformer need, including space-saving triplex transformers. Olsun recently upgraded its powder coating system to improve cost and quality.

Through continually expanding its products and services over the decades, the family-run Olsun Electrics has established itself as a leading American transformer manufacturer providing customized solutions worldwide.

Prolec-GE Waukesha Inc Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Prolec-GE Waukesha, Inc

Prolec GE Waukesha is a leader in power transformers, components, and services. For over 50 years, Waukesha® has invested in technology and expertise to meet evolving customer needs and raise industry standards.

Waukesha® builds 5-1200 MVA, up to 345kV transformers according to technical and quality standards. Waukesha® provides complete transformer solutions and components with high customer satisfaction. The service group offers installation, testing, assessments, retrofits, and repairs for Waukesha® and other brands. The components group analyzes failures and provides replacement parts, health products, and training.

Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with 1,000 employees and facilities in North Carolina and Texas, Waukesha® is one of the largest US power transformer makers. Waukesha® Wisconsin opened in 1970 and expanded in 2001 and 2012 to build up to 1200 MVA units and test up to 500kV. Waukesha® Goldsboro uses technology and design to meet needs.

Waukesha® Service offers solutions for any brand, including installation, relocation, testing, assessments, maintenance, retrofits, and repairs. Waukesha® Service has specialized equipment and personnel across the US for fast, quality service at a lower cost.

Waukesha® Components in Dallas makes and supplies components for most load tap changers and circuit breakers produces health products, and offers failure analysis, overhauls, and training.

Through continued innovation and a hands-on approach, Waukesha® builds expertise to understand and solve problems. Waukesha® strives to balance theory and practice to build confidence.

Waukesha® leads the power transformer industry through investment, standards, technology, and service. By innovating to meet evolving needs, Waukesha® develops unparalleled capabilities and expertise.

T&R Electric Supply Company

T&R Electric Supply Company is a trusted supplier of power and distribution transformers. In Colman, South Dakota, T&R focuses on large inventory, fast delivery, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality and service.

For over 35 years, T&R has served utilities and the industry. T&R’s dedicated, experienced staff builds long-term relationships through unmatched service. T&R reconditions, rewinds, rents, sells, and repairs transformers and switchgear. With enormous inventory and manufacturing, T&R meets quick delivery at 20-40% savings. T&R guarantees reconditioned and rewound transformers for up to 3 years, exceeding standards.

Shipping 16-20 truckloads weekly across North America and globally, T&R specializes in rewinding and reconditioning power and distribution transformers. T&R’s supply network buys 16-20 surplus truckloads weekly to maintain the largest inventory. With 221,000 square feet, including 76,000 added since 2002, T&R serves the US. Centrally located, T&R rebuilds up to 138kV, 30 MVA units.

T&R attributes success to relationships, service, and Midwest values. As a family business, T&R understands customer commitment and quality drive performance. T&R’s warranty leads the industry. T&R’s loss measurement technology ensures 1% accuracy. Standard tests follow ANSI.

Through substantial inventory, manufacturing capabilities, and strategic location, T&R delivers transformers and switchgear quickly and economically across diverse needs. T&R’s mission to serve with integrity and expertise results in trusted long-term partnerships. Relationships that save customers time and money create T&R’s competitive advantage. T&R’s dedication to service, quality, and customer satisfaction ensures continued growth and leadership.

Southwest Electric Co

For over 75 years, Southwest Electric Company has provided electrical equipment and services to energy and industry. Southwest Electric offers engineering, design, field service, maintenance, repair, and logistics. Southwest Electric is committed to exceptional service, safety, and compliance and aims to enable uninterrupted operation.

Founded in 1946, Southwest Electric began repairing motors, then built custom transformers for oil, gas, and utilities. By the 1980s, Southwest Electric had expanded nationally into switchgear, substations, and breakers. Now Southwest Electric designs, manufactures, and services transformers, switchgear, and motors worldwide.

The transformer division builds standard or custom liquid-filled transformers from 25 kVA to 7500 kVA. Southwest Electric’s skilled engineers design for oil, gas, utilities, and industry to standards. Responding quickly, Southwest Electric provides quotes in 48 hours, standards in 3-5 days, and customs based on complexity.

Southwest Electric offers single or three-phase transformers from 120V to 34.5 kV for standard or extreme conditions like temperature, location, or altitude. The soft starter detects voltage drops to start big motors, then bypasses. The FACT® series suits submersible or surface pumps and variable-speed drives. Phase-shifting transformers provide 12-24 pulses to reduce harmonics for variable frequency drives. The polygon autotransformer is a 12-pulse for motor drives. Southwest Electric also customizes 18+ pulse transformers.

With a history of innovation and customer commitment, Southwest Electric solves complex problems through custom solutions. Keeping facilities running worldwide, Southwest Electric thinks creatively to optimize outcomes through proven expertise and performance. Southwest Electric established sustained competitive advantage and leadership by enabling operations through strategic partnerships built on saving time and money.

Johnson Electric Coil Company

Established in 1934, Johnson Electric Coil Company is a family-owned manufacturer of custom transformers and inductors. Lawrence Johnson founded the company on caring for people, customers, and quality. Now led by William Johnson, Johnson Electric continues the tradition of “great people making great transformers for great reasons” through “unified, unselfish, single-minded, outstanding customer service.”

Operating leanly with value-added techniques and organization, Johnson Electric adheres to strict quality and training standards using controls and responsibility. Johnson Electric provides a “worry-free experience” through close order monitoring, assistance, expedition, and updates. Based in Antigo, Wisconsin, Johnson Electric offers complete transformer and inductor design, engineering, manufacturing, compliance, and support. Johnson Electric enables customers’ market leadership with broad capabilities and fair pricing.

Johnson Electric builds custom single or three-phase isolation, auto, and toroidal transformers up to 250 kVA in various sizes and quantities. The isolation transformers optimize electrical performance, features, height, weight, and price. The autotransformers have special voltages, mounting, and terminations. The toroids provide cost-effective, high-quality solutions for some applications.

Johnson Electric also makes single or three-phase inductors and chokes. Custom and high-quality, the inductors and chokes provide optimal performance and value.

Committed to exceeding expectations and enabling customers’ success, Johnson Electric focuses on design, engineering, and manufacturing. With advanced and versatile capabilities, Johnson Electric serves diverse customers. Tailoring scheduling, packaging, shipping, billing, and communication, Johnson Electric manages inventory, handling, delivery, and service. Johnson Electric transformers and inductors are used worldwide to support safety and global compliance.

SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc

SNC, family-owned since 1946, makes magnetic components for original equipment manufacturers, power restoration, and stray voltage control worldwide. Headquartered in Oshkosh, SNC has plants in Mexico and China.

SNC offers testing, leads, harnesses, brackets, enclosures, small or large runs, and just-in-time delivery. Medium voltage control transformers provide reliable secondary power under harsh conditions, reducing waste and downtime.

For military use, SNC makes standard or custom transformers for aircraft, space, missiles, ships, and vehicles. Dual frequency and able to step up or down, the transformers meet military standards. SNC prototypes, manufactures, and tests to specifications. The rugged, high-quality transformers perform in extreme conditions.

SNC control transformers meet safety standards and suit contactors, solenoids, relays, and timers. Designed for inrush current, the transformers provide stable secondary power. Ranging from 115V to 600V primary and 23V to 240V secondary, the step-up or step-down transformers are dual frequency.

For custom projects, SNC works with customers from concept to production of defect-free, on-time transformers in required voltages, sizes, and quantities. Whether for a specific enclosure or unsure of needs, SNC determines optimal configurations for success.

With a tradition of quality and service, SNC transformed over seven decades into a global, family-owned company solving customer needs through custom and standard transformers. Strategically headquartered in the Midwest US with global reach, SNC sustains competitive advantage by optimizing solutions and partnerships built on responsiveness, shared value, and trust.

Siemens Energy Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Siemens Energy Power Transformers

Siemens Energy’s 92,000 employees in 90 countries provide sustainable, affordable, reliable energy. Using 150 years of experience and expertise in conventional and renewable power, grid infrastructure, industrial applications, and wind energy, Siemens Energy partners with customers navigating the energy transition.

Headquartered in Germany, Siemens Energy has global research, manufacturing, and services. The company’s legacy of innovation and digitalization enables integrated energy systems and decarbonization. Siemens Energy optimizes energy use and pushes technology boundaries for a sustainable future.

Siemens Energy’s generation equipment, solutions, and services support the shift to renewables while ensuring reliable, efficient energy access. Expertise in the wind, power grids, industry, and conventional power underpins the energy transition. Modular, customized transformers suit capacity, availability, and voltage needs. Local content and manufacturing meet location requirements. Risk management and lifecycle services maximize continuity.

A global network of factories and specialists provides transformers from 20MVA to over 1,000MVA and 20kV to 1,100kV, tailored to applications. Stringent standards and quality control minimize downtime and failure. Prototype design in-house ensures performance. Project financing facilitates retrofits.

For power plants, Siemens Energy provides generator step-up transformers, unit auxiliary transformers, and network access transformers from 40MVA to 1,300MVA. Transformers connect grids operating at different voltages, exchanging active and reactive power and with standing transients monitoring system.

With a legacy of reliability, efficiency, and innovation, Siemens Energy partners globally to shape an affordable, sustainable energy future. Integrated, customized solutions, and lifecycle services optimize resources and navigate the complex energy transition with agility, expertise, and trust. Localized and future-focused, Siemens Energy capacitates decarbonization, progress, and shared prosperity.

Wilson Power Solutions Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Wilson Power Solutions

For 75 years, Wilson Power Solutions has provided customized power distribution solutions and superior service to UK organizations. Managed by the third generation of the Wilson family, Wilson Power Solutions builds on heritage and experience as an independent transformer manufacturer and solutions provider.

Headquartered in Yorkshire, England, Wilson Power Solutions supplies transformers, switchgear, and lifecycle services tailored to customer and sector needs. Wilson Power Solutions’ expert advice and solutions optimize power use, reduce costs, and improve environmental sustainability.

Wilson Power Solutions designs, manufactures, and supplies liquid-filled transformers from 5kVA to 20MVA in the Wilson e1, Wilson T2, and Wilson e3 ranges. The Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss Amorphous range uses amorphous core technology for the lowest energy loss and emissions, exceeding standards. Wilson Power Solutions also supplies switchgear, circuit breakers, fuses, and ground mount transformers approved for UK electricity networks.

A strategic partnership with Toshiba and framework agreements enable Wilson Power Solutions to serve network connections and independent network operators. With over 1,300 amorphous transformer installations, proven technology, and a local supply chain, Wilson Power Solutions provides reliability, savings, and sustainability.

Valuing heritage, excellence, environmental responsibility, and independence, Wilson Power Solutions provides personalized, expert power solutions for a sustainable future. With a local supply chain and proven technology, Wilson Power Solutions optimizes energy use through tailored products and lifecycle services built on trust, partnership, and a drive for progress.

Northern Transformer Corporation Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Northern Transformer Corporation

Founded in 1981, Northern Transformer designs and manufactures robust power transformers and grounding transformers. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Northern Transformer serves North American utilities and industries.

Northern Transformer began meeting Ontario’s demand for quality power transformers. Founders Eric Bergenstien, Doug Hazelton and William Kemp built the company based on customer satisfaction, quality, and longevity. In 2012, entrepreneur Giovanni Marcelli purchased Northern Transformer and expanded production, building a 125,000 sq ft plant in Maple.

Northern Transformer focuses on 5-200MVA, up to 240kV power transformers, grounding transformers, and specialty transformers. Northern Transformer’s power transformers feature three-limb cruciform cores and circular coils for durability and efficiency.

Optional accessories, tap changers, and cooling optimize performance. Comprehensive testing ensures standards compliance.
In 2018, Southern States Investment Holdings invested in Northern Transformer, enabling 240kV and 200MVA capacity and a strategic partnership in mobile substations. In 2020, Northern Transformer acquired VRT Power’s North American transformers, adding technology and 500 installations. A 2018 FedDev Ontario grant funded equipment upgrades and first-in-Ontario vapour phase drying, improving sustainability.

With knowledgeable engineers and account managers, Northern Transformer provides tailored solutions focused on functionality, cost, and the customer experience. Grounding transformers, built for robustness and longevity, handle system faults better than conventional designs. For renewable energy, Northern Transformer padmount transformers balance lowest ownership cost, efficiency, and grid support.

Through strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and innovation, Northern Transformer has become a leading North American transformer manufacturer. With proven technology and responsive service, Northern Transformer builds transformers for reliability, sustainability and the evolving energy landscape. Focused on quality and partnership from the start, Northern Transformer creates solutions for the long term.

ELSCO Transformer

Founded in 1912, ELSCO began manufacturing power transformers in 1988. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, ELSCO is a major supplier of copper-wound dry-type medium voltage power transformers, available 24 hours after ordering.

ELSCO serves utilities, industries, institutions, and contractors across North America, specializing in emergency replacement. ELSCO hand-winds transformer coils for quality, trusting craft over automation. Five rounds of testing ensure standards compliance and a five-year warranty, double the industry standard.

ELSCO’s transformers meet or exceed efficiency standards, running cooler and quieter for over 30 years. Quick-ship and installation support minimize downtime and cost. A 0.0001% efficiency gain saves thousands over a transformer’s life.

ELSCO builds 500 to 2,500KVA, 2.4kV to 34.5kV transformers. Strict quality control and 100% copper windings provide decades of use with zero materials or workmanship failures since 1988.

Valuing tailored solutions, ELSCO focuses on minimized ownership cost and maximized continuity through premium efficiency, durability, and service. With on-demand availability and proven reliability, ELSCO delivers uninterrupted power for the long term through a human touch and custom care. Partnership powers progress.

Niagara Power Transformer

Niagara Power Transformer manufactures liquid-filled power and special application transformers, serving global markets since 1924. Formerly Niagara Transformer, Niagara Power Transformer rebranded to reflect innovations and growth while honoring their founding vision: dependable solutions through excellence.

Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, Niagara Power Transformer builds for extreme, demanding uses worldwide. Niagara Power Transformer has invested $35 million in facilities and testing in the past six years and over $40 million in the past six, with 150,000 sq ft for streamlined manufacturing, testing, research and development.

With 95+ years of experience, 350 years of combined engineering expertise, and 600+ years of manufacturing expertise, Niagara Power Transformer is ISO 9001:2015 and SHARP registered, taking on complex challenges with high quality and fast turnaround. Niagara Power Transformer has manufactured and shipped to over 90 countries and all seven continents, serving industrial, utility, commercial and specialized needs like Antarctica, offshore platforms, mines and solar farms.

While Niagara Power Transformer has grown rapidly, their commitment to customers remains. Dependability through investment in people and technology ensures Niagara Power Transformer continues engineering solutions for an evolving landscape.

With proven reliability, a legacy of trusted partnerships, and responsiveness at their core, Niagara Power Transformer builds transformers tailored to purpose and place, transforming access into ability around the world. The future is powered by the proven past. Excellence without exception, solutions without limits, Niagara Power Transformer is energy unleashed.

SGB-SMIT GROUP Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturer


The SGB-SMIT Group is a transformer manufacturing specialist based in Europe. For over a century, they have been dedicated to fully satisfying their customers worldwide by providing customized solutions. With headquarters in Germany and facilities across the globe, they have become Europe’s top medium-sized transformer company.

Their success stems from a highly skilled workforce, technological innovation, and a commitment to solving complex challenges. They produce various transformer types including large power, oil distribution, dry-type, and compact substation units. Regular maintenance and repair services maximize transformer lifespans and limit disruptions.

MBT Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

MBT Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

MBT is Vietnam’s leading transformer manufacturer known for high quality products and service. For over 50 years, they have provided over 50,000 transformers to vital projects worldwide. Recently, they have focused on smart transformers and sustainable solutions. With facilities spanning 20,000 square meters and materials from G7 nations, MBT operates under strict quality control and management. Their success comes from an expert engineering team, modern technology, and ISO certifications.

They produce single and three-phase transformers up to 35kV and 25MVA. Additionally, they offer preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, customized solutions and staff training. With a reputation for quality, price, and customer service, MBT aims to nurture trust and meet the needs of clients globally.

Badger Magnetics Inc Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Badger Magnetics, Inc

Badger Magnetics is a U.S.-based leading electromagnetic coil and power transformer manufacturer. Since 1955, they have designed and produced customized solutions for commercial, medical, transportation, military and industrial clients. With facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota, their expert engineers provide practical and innovative products that meet or surpass expectations. They manufacture a wide range of items including single and three-phase transformers, chokes, coils, relays and sensors.

Badger Magnetics specializes in reverse engineering and high-volume OEM power transformer production. They are compliant with UL, CSA, military and RoHS standards. Superior quality, competitive pricing, advanced technology and dedicated service define Badger Magnetics’ commitment to providing smart solutions for standard and custom needs.

Majestic Transformer Company

Established in 1942, Majestic Transformer Company is a leading British manufacturer of custom electrical transformers and associated products. Originally a repair service, Majestic Transformer now designs and builds new components to specification. With ample materials and quick turnaround, they can dispatch orders within 7-14 days. Recently, they developed a 100kVA shore supply unit meeting marine and BS EN 60076 standards.

Majestic Transformer focuses on quality and upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 certification. For over 70 years, they have provided one-of-a-kind control panel transformers, variable power supplies, three-phase transformers, high-accuracy voltage transformers, single-phase transformers, and isolation transformers. Majestic Transformer prides itself on custom solutions and high-quality products.

General Transformer Corp Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

General Transformer Corp

General Transformer Corporation is a leading U.S. manufacturer of custom power solutions. Since 1976, GTC has provided high-quality transformers for global industrial clients. Headquartered in Texas with ISO 9001:2015 certification, GTC offers comprehensive quality control and fully customized products engineered to specification. They produce single and three-phase transformers, constant voltage ferroresonant transformers, and toroidal transformers.

With a focus on detail, relationships, and American-made products at competitive prices, GTC aims to be the go-to transformer manufacturer. They offer full engineering services and manufacture all transformers in-house. GTC is dedicated to creating solutions for any application and building lasting partnerships.

Power Partners Top Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Power Partners

For over 60 years, Power Partners has been an industry leader in manufacturing reliable and energy-efficient power distribution solutions from their Athens, Georgia base. As part of Spire Inc., they offer pole-type transformers, padmount solutions, and a full product range for utility and industrial clients across North America. With the fastest manufacturing, 48-hour storm response, and stringent quality and safety standards, Power Partners goes beyond manufacturing to provide innovative solutions and unmatched service.

Their 400 employees deliver proven products tailored to customer success. An environmental steward, Power Partners continuously improves to increase efficiency and sustainability. Having produced over 9 million transformers with an exceptional safety record, Power Partners is dedicated to responsible value, innovation, and meeting distribution transformer needs.

Electric Power Inc

Electric Power Inc. designs and manufactures copper-wound dry-type transformers up to 500 kVA in Mississauga, Ontario. With the industry’s best guarantee and CSA/UL certification, their transformers provide reliable power distribution for commercial and industrial applications. EPI offers standard and custom models for global clients.

Their experienced team tests all products to ensure quality and safety. EPI manufactures step-up transformers and auto transformers from high-grade materials resistant to corrosion. Their transformers suit diverse needs including factories, data centers, and beyond. For over 25 years, EPI has provided premium transformers at competitive prices with expert service.

Winder Power UK

For over a century, Winder Power has designed and built power equipment in Leeds, UK. They operate three divisions providing generators, transformers, switchgear, and site services for major utility, renewable, and industrial clients across Britain and internationally. Winder moved to an 80,000-square-foot, modern factory in 2008 and employs 100 people dedicated to customer service. Originally an electrical contractor, Winder now focuses on manufacturing.

Their generator division produces high-frequency alternators and exciters for demanding applications. The transformer/switchgear division handles small to large-scale projects. And site services offers a full range of power system support. With a long history of success, Winder Power is a leading specialist provider of power generation and distribution solutions.

WEG Transformers USA

Established in 1961, WEG is a Brazilian manufacturer of electric equipment and solutions. Operating globally across numerous industries, WEG owns facilities in 12 countries and services over 100 nations. With revenue of $9.5 billion and 30,000 employees, WEG focuses on continuous innovation and efficient solutions. Its US branches, WEG Electric Corp. and WEG Transformers USA, specialize in manufacturing utility, industrial and renewable energy transformers. By constantly improving technology and processes, WEG aims to exceed customer expectations through every step of their experience.

GE Grid Solutions

Grid Solutions, GE Renewable Energy’s company, brings together expertise and technology to address power system challenges and enable a sustainable grid. With 13,000 employees serving utilities globally, Grid Solutions facilitates the connection of renewable and distributed energy to the grid. GE’s transformers support wide applications and voltages. Advanced designs ensure high performance, digitization, and reliability.

Autotransformers allow optimized and economical solutions for specific voltage ratios. Generator step-up transformers endure demanding conditions. Custom solutions meet unique needs. Expertise and technology enable tailored products satisfying stringent standards worldwide. GE provides equipment and services for reliably and efficiently delivering power from generation to end consumers.

Canadian Electrical Services CES Transformers

Canadian Electrical Services began 30 years ago to become a leader in manufacturing distribution and power transformers. With experience and flexibility, C.E.S. Transformers focuses on quality, earning ISO 9001 certification for 20 years. Providing competitive, quick delivery of standard or customized transformers up to 15 MVA and 72 kV, C.E.S. Transformers services municipal utilities, contractors, engineers, renewable energy and infrastructure worldwide.

Offering engineering, design, testing, refurbishment, and witnessing, C.E.S. Transformers provides dedicated customer support. Originally repairing and refurbishing transformers, C.E.S. Transformers now upgrades existing units to exceed efficiency standards, modifying them for current applications to provide economical, fast solutions.

HICO America

HICO provides customized energy solutions. Partnering to understand needs and goals, HICO develops affordable solutions driving success. Committed to sustainable infrastructure supporting industry and reducing environmental impact, HICO recycles facilities, improves processes, invests in technology, harnesses renewable and low-carbon energy to meet future demand while protecting the environment.

HICO’s high-quality, performance transformers suit needs and budgets. Large and medium transformers handle high voltages. Distribution transformers lower network voltage for infrastructure and employees. Shunt reactors improve stability and efficiency, preventing damage.

Valuing diversity and inclusion, HICO works with Disadvantage Business Enterprises, supports communities and provides growth opportunities. A U.S. company backed by South Korea’s Hyosung Heavy Industries, HICO develops solutions and equipment in America.

Niagara Power Transformer

Niagara Power Transformer

Niagara Power Transformer is a trusted transformer service solutions provider that has been in operation since 1924. They offer comprehensive services such as installation, relocation, testing, and maintenance for transformers from almost any manufacturer worldwide. They also provide oil processing, dryouts, retrofills, and corrective and preventative maintenance.

Niagara Power Transformer can work with clients through bid and purchase orders or develop tailor-made Master Service Agreements. With over 95 years of experience, they have invested $35 million in their facilities and focus on giving their customers confidence in their commitment to quality and safety, manufacturing excellence, and design nimbleness. They have served over 80 countries and continue to innovate while providing responsive and cost-effective service and technical support.

Suenn Liang Electric. Co, Ltd

Suenn Liang Electric, established in 1986 and located in Taichung City, is a professional electrical power transformer manufacturer that specializes in custom-made transformers such as auto voltage regulator, single and three-phase reactor, three-phase power transformer, auto transformer, and single-phase power/auto transformer. They provide safe and effective power distribution for industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional loads.

With over 30 years of experience, Suenn Liang has acquired EU, UL, ISO9001, ISO9002, ISO14001, and CB inspection certification and applies safety (LVD 2014/35/EU), functional (EMC 2014/30/EU), and toxic (ROHS 2011/65/EU) inspections to ensure quality products. They have also expanded their market to America, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia, and China. Suenn Liang values continuous improvement, research, and development, and believes in providing trustworthy products and services.

Musthane Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Musthane® is a French company specializing in designing and creating new solutions that integrate mobility and flexibility. They offer two areas of expertise: Design to Flexibility® and Design to Mobility®, aimed at providing customized solutions for customers with high levels of reactivity and budget control. Musthane® has been working for electrical power transformer manufacturers for 25 years, offering custom-made products designed for specific needs.

They also provide innovative solutions for lifting, storing, testing, and protecting equipment through patents and investment in research and development. Their manufacturing techniques include hot and cold vulcanization, welding, and combining different techniques for transforming soft materials. Musthane®’s goal is to always strive for better solutions that meet customer expectations.

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS)

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) is a leading North American manufacturer of standard and custom dry-type transformers for various industries such as oil and gas, mining, steel, data centers, and wind power generation. HPS has grown to become North America’s largest dry-type transformer manufacturer over the last 100 years, with multiple manufacturing facilities throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, and India.

The company has an engineering database with over one million designs, providing customers with reliable and cost-effective solutions. HPS takes pride in its stability and integrity as a supplier and has several plans for growth and success, continuing to stay as North America’s leader in the dry-type transformer industry.


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