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100 Best Cable Harness Manufacturers & Suppliers

Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Struggling to find the perfect cable harness manufacturer or supplier for your project? Look no further, as we have meticulously researched and compiled the “100 Best Cable Harness Manufacturers & Suppliers” for your convenience. This comprehensive list features industry-leading companies that excel in producing high-quality, reliable, and innovative cable harness solutions.

Whether you’re in aerospace, automotive, or any other sector that relies on these essential components, our list will help you make an informed decision and select the right partner for your needs. Read on to discover the best of the best in cable harness manufacturing!

Cable Harness ManufacturersCountry
KSM Electronics, IncUSA & Mexico
Y.C. Cable USA IncUSA & China
Precision Cable Assemblies (PCA)USA & China & Mexico
Park Manufacturing CorpMinnesota, USA
La Cro Products Wire Harness ManufacturerWisconsinc, USA
Winchester InterconnectConnecticut, USA
NEO Tech InterconnectCalifornia, USA
Volex plcUK
Omega Leads, IncUSA
Custom Wire IndustriesUSA
Northpoint Technologies, IncUSA
Corey Associates (CAI)USA
Altex Wire & CableUSA
Rapid ManufacturingUSA & China & Mexico
Salt Lake Cable & HarnessUSA
PARPRO Wire Harness & Cable AssemblyUSA & China & Mexico & UK
VSE Wire Harness & Cable AssemblyUSA
Consolidated Electronic Wire & CableUSA
Star Engineering IncUSA
BizLink GroupUSA
Assembly SolutionsUSA
Cable Harnesses UK LtdUK
Scott CablesUK
Teepee Electrical LimitedUK
WH Kemp (Electrics) LimitedUK
Rockford Components LtdUK
Brucom Wiring HarnessUK
St Cross ElectronicsUK
GTK Custom Cable AssembliesUK
Paramount ElectronicsUK
Glenair EuropeUK
S&A Manufacturing LtdUK
The Wiring Harness CompanyUK
Electro TechnikUK
Deval Ltd UKUK
Flair ElectronicsUK
The Data Cable Co. IncCanada
AQ CanadaCanada
Rova Products Custom Wire Harness & Cable Harness ManufacturingCanada
JEM Technical Marketing IncCanada
TCP CableCanada
Calian Wiring Harnesses and CablesCanada
IMP Electronic SystemsCanada
iLux ElectricCanada & USA
Powersonic CanadaCanada /USA /China/ Mexico
MRO Electronic Supply LtdCanada
Lauria & Hill TechnologiesCanada
AME SystemsAustralia
Wiring SolutionsAustralia
Wiring Harnesses AustraliaAustralia
Continuity Harness and LoomAustralia
Advanced Wiring AustraliaAustralia
Connect SourceAustralia
Harness Master NSWAustralia
Allplant Auto ElectricsAustralia
Rocky Wiring HarnessesAustralia
Complete WiringAustralia
Harness Master Wiring Systems AustraliaAustralia
Broderick W CoAustralia
Vintage Wiring HarnessAustralia
Hot Wired Auto ElectricalAustralia
Electrical LoomAustralia
Markerry IndustriesAustralia
Dongguan Edgar Auto Parts LtdChina
Cixi Zhongyi Electronics FactoryChina
Xiamen Jinbeili Electronics Co., LtdChina
Suzhou Wavelink Electronics Technology Co., LtdChina
Foshan Cantell Electronic Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Aurora Technology LimitedChina
Dongguan Nangudi Electronics Co., LtdChina
Kunshan RCD Electronic Co., LtdChina
Farland Beijing Electronic Industry And Trade Co., LtdChina
Zhangjiagang RY Electronic CO.,LTDChina
Zhejiang Tongsheng Electronic Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Lemon Electronics Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Newourconn Technology Co., LtdChina
Dongguan Suyi Electronics Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Daytone Electronics Co., LtdChina
Dongguan Ws Electronic Technology Co., LtdChina
Totek International Corporation LimitedChina
Changshu Bshine Electronic Technology Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Cazn Electronic Co., LtdChina
Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Jinfengsheng Electronic Co., LtdChina
Yz-Link Technology Co., LtdChina
Chibi Brave Electrical Technology Co., LtdChina
Dongguan Maojia Plastic Electronics Co., LtdChina
Dongguan Comark Electronics Co., LtdChina
Dongguan Hohao Wires & Cables Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Yeahui Electronic LimitedChina
Huizhou Hongxin Electronics Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Jisheng Electronic Co., LtdChina
Shenzhen Taihua Electronics Co., LtdChina
Yantai Shanyou Electric Co., LtdChina
Guangzhou City Youye Electronics Co., LtdChina
Zhejiang Tongsheng Electronic Co., LtdChina
KSM Electronics Inc Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

KSM Electronics, Inc

KSM is a global contract manufacturer that offers build-to-print services for cable products, including wire harness assemblies. The company is founded on cable and wire and has the subject matter expertise to build almost any product. KSM has strategic locations and a skilled workforce to meet accelerated delivery schedules and training and certification standards.

The company’s smart manufacturing process minimizes cost and maximizes return without ever sacrificing quality in wire harness assembly. KSM’s multi-location advantage makes it an ideal fit for short-run, complex projects, as well as high-volume programs. KSM also offers VMI for every product they distribute or produce, and their highly experienced staff provides certified in-house training for all employees.

Main Products: Custom Cables, Wire Harness Assemblies, Electromechanical/Box Builds

Y.C. Cable USA Inc

Y.C. Cable is an experienced OEM cable and wire assembly manufacturer, offering custom solutions for any industry. With a focus on the automotive sector since 2009, Y.C. Cable has established partnerships with many renowned vehicle manufacturers and provides quality certified products for various industries.

They can provide fast and efficient custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses using custom-made multi-core cords to meet specific client requirements. Y.C. Cable facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards, and offer flexible manufacturing services for both low and high volume needs.

Main Products: Automotive Cable Assemblies, Medical Cable Assemblies, Consumer Electronics Cable Assemblies, RF Cable Assemblies, Cable Assemblies, Custom Wire Harnesses

Precision Cable Assemblies (PCA) Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Precision Cable Assemblies (PCA)

Precision Cable Assemblies (PCA) is a leading manufacturer of wire harnesses, battery cables, and customized wiring solutions. Since its establishment in 1980, PCA has collaborated with its clients to become the primary provider of power distribution solutions in the wire harness industry.

By operating lean production with a focus on continuous improvement, PCA offers flexibility for both low and high volume needs. With worldwide facilities certified to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards, PCA has grown to be a world-class supplier of battery cables, wire harness assemblies, and custom wiring solutions. Its integrated approach allows it to serve various industries, including recreational vehicles, marine, small engines, and appliances.

Main Products: Wire Harness Assemblies, Battery Cable Assemblies & Interconnects, Connector Overmoldings

Park Manufacturing Corp

Park Manufacturing has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1946 to solve problems and deliver solutions to various industries. The company specializes in wire harness assemblies, cable assemblies, and electro-mechanical assemblies, utilizing the industry’s highest level of automation for cost-competitive solutions.

Park Manufacturing’s focus on quality is exemplified by their 80,000-feet production facility in Minnesota, which includes cost efficiencies and comfort features such as geo-thermal HVAC. The company’s success is attributed to a comprehensive ISO 9001 Quality Management System, strong relationships, and a decade of experience that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Main Products: Antenna cables, Audio/video cables, Automotive cables and harnesses, Coaxial cables, Custom braided harness protection, Battery Cables, Discrete wire assemblies, Heavy Wire Assemblies up to 0000, High performance and controlled impedance, Instrumentation cables, Laser component marking, Multi-conductor cables, Round/flat/hi-flex/hi-temp, UHF connectors and adapters, Wire harnesses–simple and complex

Winchester Interconnect Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Winchester Interconnect

Winchester Interconnect is a multinational company with over 3,000 employees that specializes in high mix/low volume wire harnesses designed and produced within their global network. The company is committed to providing interconnect solutions that are reliable and meet the performance-driven requirements of each application. Winchester’s multi-disciplinary team combines deep industry experience with the latest design and simulation tools to quickly understand technical requirements and develop efficient solutions with customers’ engineers.

The company ensures all cable assemblies and wire harnesses meet stringent quality, safety, and environmental certifications while supporting a variety of test and measurement applications.

Main Products: From standard cable assemblies, to customized wire harnesses and assemblies with overmolding, connectors and adapters for high cost of failure applications, high-performance RF, industrial, and subsea wire and cable interconnect solutions

NEO Tech Interconnect

NEOTech is an electronic manufacturing services provider for OEMs in various markets such as Industrial, Medical, and Aerospace & Defense. With over 40 years of experience, NEOTech’s refined Tier 1 tools and processes provide highly regulated and challenging products with complex supply chains. The company has a legacy in building advanced circuit card assemblies and systems requiring precision IPC Class 3 soldering and advanced testing, as well as medical product manufacturing experience requiring FDA registration.

NEOTech offers a full suite of solutions that enable emerging businesses speed and flexibility and has invested in electronics manufacturing services locations worldwide, including Silicon Valley, San Diego, Los Angeles, Colorado, and Boston’s high tech corridors. NEOTech had its humble beginning when Sudesh Arora purchased NATEL in 1975, and the company has since grown through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Main Products: Simple Wiring Kits, Multi-conductor I/O Cables, Simple Wire Harness Assembly products, Complex Harness Assemblies, Coaxial / RF Cable Assemblies, Wire Wrap using X-Y Machines

Volex plc Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Volex plc

Volex is a leading global manufacturer of power products and integrated manufacturing for various markets. The company provides cable assemblies, data centre power and connectivity, electric vehicle charging and consumer electronics. They offer solutions for performance-critical applications to improve the quality of life on the planet.

Volex has 19 operating sites around the world and strives to grow organically and through acquisition while emphasizing customer satisfaction and service. They work globally with over 8,000 colleagues to harness their diverse backgrounds, skills and experience to manage complex supply chain challenges. Among the four core divisions the company operates in are Consumer Electricals, Medical, Electric Vehicles and Complex Industrial Technology.

Main Products: Custom Wire and Cable Harness Solutions for Aerospace / Defence / Space, Consumer, Electric Vehicles (EV), Industrial Manufacturing, Medical, Off-Road / Off-Highway Transport, Robotics and Automation

Omega Leads Inc Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Omega Leads, Inc

Omega Leads is a manufacturing company that specializes in producing wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. Founded in 1961 by two coil manufacturing industry friends, Omega Leads began as a small business located in a garage in the San Fernando Valley before moving to its current facility in Santa Monica.

The company’s focus shifted to wire and cable assembly manufacturing when the current owner’s family purchased the company in 1974. Omega Leads offers complete turnkey solutions for various industries such as gaming, electric vehicles, off-road, solar, and more. Their team emphasizes a “Team Mentality” throughout the company to enhance the work environment and product quality.

Corey Associates (CAI) Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Corey Associates (CAI)

CAI is a custom-built component manufacturer that has been operating since 1986. They offer personalized solutions for every project to exceed industry standards, from niche product prototypes to full production runs. CAI has expanded from their humble beginnings in PA to serve a global clientele. They offer competitive rates for projects of all sizes, and specialize in wire harness fabrication services that protect wires from environmental hazards.

Their extensive process integration capabilities ensure customers receive the perfect product from prototype to production. CAI also offers adjacent products like coil cords and micro-miniature assemblies for various markets, including the medical industry. S4, Forty Nine Degrees, and Form Mfg are additional companies under the CAI umbrella that specialize in design, engineering, finishing, and manufacturing processes.

Altex Wire & Cable

ALTEX is a strategic outsourced manufacturing partner that has been operating since 1981. They specialize in wire harness systems and cable assemblies for various markets, from industrial manufacturing to medical devices.

ALTEX offers comprehensive solutions, from design to just-in-time fulfillment, and operates at the Tier 1 level. With a focus on quality and process innovation, they provide competitive and high-quality solutions for orders of most any size and complexity. ALTEX also offers logistics solutions, including fulfillment from their Indiana or Mexico locations, and managed inventory programs to reduce inventory and costs.

Main Products: Wire harness assemblies, Cable assemblies, Electromechanical assemblies, Over-molded assemblies, Box builds, Over-molding, DIN rail assemblies, Automatic wire processing, Flat ribbon cable assemblies, Harness kits, Ultrasonic welding, Marking and labeling

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is a manufacturer of custom and standard electronic wire, cable, power supply cords, molded cable assemblies, and wiring harnesses since 1919. Their experience ensures the success of clients’ projects, and their team of experts, from engineering to sales, helps meet clients’ needs. Cable and wiring harnesses can be customized to meet almost any specification for aerospace, automotive, medical, telecommunications, commercial buildings, and home electronic applications.

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable offers custom harnesses with strategic engineering approaches with various options available for shielding, fillers, materials, identification, and style. They also provide cost-effective solutions that meet industry standards and specifications.

Main Products: Category and Lan Cables, Extruded Flat Cable, Coax, Fire Alarm Cable, Hook-up & Lead Wire, Magnet Wire, Multi-Conductor/Multi-Pair, Parallel Cord and Speaker Wire, Portable Cord/Power Cable, Power Limited Tray Cable, Tinned Copper Braid, Uninsulated Wire

Star Engineering Inc Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Star Engineering Inc

Star Engineering is a renowned PCB assembly, cable assembly, and mechanical box build assembly company in North America. With over 40 years of experience, they have built a reputation for exceptional customer service and high-quality products. Their mission is to provide superior workmanship and differentiated products and services, while their vision is to be a premier US manufacturer of high-quality products.

Star Engineering is also known for its customized solutions for wire harness assembly, which are done in-house, resulting in cost-effective and competitive pricing. They work closely with clients to optimize wire harness assembly, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Scott Cables Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Scott Cables

Scott Cables is a UK-based company that has been manufacturing and supplying bespoke wiring harnesses for power, data, and signal applications for over 30 years. They offer high-quality and customized products suitable for various market sectors, including aerospace, rail, and defense.

They have a modern facility in Hampshire and can provide design support to engineer or improve products. Scott Cables prides themselves on delivering quality products with exemplary customer service while adhering to industry standards such as IPC/WHMA-A-620 and achieving accreditations such as ISO9001/AS9100, JOSCAR registered and Cyber Essentials Certified.

Rockford Components Ltd Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Rockford Components Ltd

Rockford is a UK-based cable assembly and wiring harness manufacturer for military, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications. Since 1978, they have grown their business through the strategic acquisition of companies, which has broadened their capability. Rockford’s engineering-driven approach, coupled with a focus on quality and cost-effective solutions, has enabled them to partner with leading customers such as Airbus, BAE Systems, and Lockheed Martin.

Their custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses are designed for harsh environments with high vibration, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, radiative stresses and mechanical shock. They offer a suite of design software tools to support customers in the entire wire harness design process.


SIC (Swansea Industrial Components) is a family-run business that has been manufacturing wiring harnesses and cable assemblies since 1964. Initially serving the white goods market, SIC expanded to supply gaming, vending, and automotive sectors. Today, they manufacture over 14,000 different product lines for more than 20 sectors, including medical, lighting, heating, ventilation, and more.

SIC’s commitment to manufacturing excellence remains constant, with quality components sourced from their top supply base. They tailor each harness to fit their customers’ unique requirements, ensuring a close working relationship and competitive pricing.

Rova Products Canada Inc

Rova Custom Cable is a top facility specializing in custom cable assembly for North American and European markets. They combine offshore with local production and distribution to become a recognized leader in their field. Rova operates its head office outside Toronto, where they maintain warehouse and production facilities certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Their product expertise, sourcing experience, equipment, and tooling make them able to take on any job, while their commitment to 100% quality delivered on time has earned a solid reputation. Rova uses only the highest-grade materials, such as ROHS3, REACH COMPLIANCE, and UL. They offer a variety of service capabilities throughout the custom wire harness manufacturing process.

TCP Cable Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

TCP Cable

TCP Cable is a Canadian and Mexican holding company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality electrical wire harnesses for home appliances and the specialized automotive industry. The company was formed by a merger between Prodam and Prodamex SA de CV with Terminal & Cable TC Inc. in Canada. TCP Cable has more than 575 employees and strives to be an industry leader in the North American market while maintaining a culture of innovation, respect, commitment, discipline, and empathy.

The company’s core values are teamwork, continuous improvement, and an excellent attitude. TCP Cable is known for providing its clients with the highest level of service, as well as innovative technologies and solutions. The company is committed to quality and reliability, and its products meet worldwide certifications such as ISO 2001:15, UL, and CSA.

AME Systems

AME Systems is an Australian privately-owned company that designs and manufactures quality electrical wiring harnesses for military, medical, heavy transport, and special purpose vehicles and machinery. With almost four decades of experience, the company has survived challenging times to become an industry leader.

The company was established in 1977 in Ararat, starting with a small manufacturing facility, then following several name changes before settling on AME Systems Pty Ltd in 1992. The company’s expertise spans the entire process from design to delivery and post-sales support, with a reputation for developing world-class solutions.

Wiring Solutions Best Cable Harness Manufacturers

Wiring Solutions

Wiring Solutions, formerly known as Auto Assemblies, was established in Adelaide in 1979. The company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality custom cable assemblies, looms, and harnesses for various industries, including communication, mining, agriculture, security, and media.

Over the years, the company has constantly adapted to changing markets and supported emerging industries through innovation, consistency, and quality. Wiring Solutions is known for their dedicated team, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer service. The company’s main focus is on providing customized cable assembly solutions with attention to detail and prompt prototyping.


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