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Best 50 UK Solar Panel Manufacturers & Companies

Best Uk Solar Panel Manufacturers & Companies

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular across the globe, and the UK is no exception. With a thriving solar industry, the country boasts an array of innovative companies and manufacturers that are leading the charge in solar panel technology.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 50 UK solar panel manufacturers and companies that are making a difference in the renewable energy landscape. Get ready to be enlightened by the brightest stars in the British solar industry!

UK Solar Panel ManufacturersServices & Products
UK SOLAR POWER LTDSolar PV Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Solar Street lights, Solar Street lights/cctv, Solar cables & MC4, Solar pumps, Solar mount brackets, Solar wall & Garden lamps, CCTV products, EV charge point installation
GB-SolPV Slates, Infinity solar roofs, Roof Integrated Solar, Battery Storage Systems
Exeo Energy Ltdsolar panel installer and renewable energy specialist of Solar Panel and Battery Storage systems
Project Solar UK LimitedSolar Panel Installation, Solar Panels for Home
Solar Trade Salesonline supplier of solar photovoltaic systems for domestic, commercial
Westech Solar UKofficial UK and EU representative and supplier of Perlight Solar
GreenMatch UKrenewable energy system for your home, Heat Pumps and Solar Panels
Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd UKdesigns, manufactures and sells solar panels for your home or business
Oxford PVthe pioneer and technology leader in the field of perovskite solar cells
AES Solarsolar thermal manufacturer and PV installer providing first class solar solutions
UK Solar Generation LtdPHOTOVOLTAIC Solar Panels, Mounting Systems, Inverters, Slate Roofs, Clay Tile Roofs, Concrete Roof, Flat Roofs
Solarsense UK Limitedspecialise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of solar panels and other renewable energy technologies
Mypower Solar Companydesign, supply and install award winning solar photovoltaic (PV) systems
Floating Solar UKHandle the whole installation process of your solar power plant, from site selection, to system operation and maintenance
UK Solar Power Panels LtdSolar Panel Installations, SOLAR DESIGN
Naked Solar LtdSolar PV Installer
solaruk.netmanufactures, supplies and installs fully accredited advanced solar systems
Deege Solarspecialists in Solar Panels, Battery Storage, EV Chargers and Solar PV System Maintenance and Protection
The Small Solar Company Ltdindependent solar installation and repair company
Segen Ltdglobal wholesale distributor of solar PV (photovoltaic), energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging and other associated components
Cambridge Solar LtdSolar Panel Installers & Renewable Energy Experts
So Go Solar Ltdsolar panel installers of domestic and commercial solar panel (PV) systems
Severn Valley Renewablesprofessional supplier and installer of Renewable Energy Technology
Viridian Solar Ltdmanufacture sleek, low-profile roof-integrated solar panels
Sustainable Energy Engineering Limitedsolar electric systems / PV panels, solar energy battery storage solar panel company
All Seasons Energysolar panel, air source heat pump, and insulation installer
Geo Green Powersolar panel installs, ground source heat pumps, biomass and all other renewable energy
MIPV SolarPioneering manufacturer of flexible integrated solar power modules, agricultural and domestic Solar PV system INSTALLATION
Midsummer EnergySolar Panels, Solar Regulators, Wind turbines, Inverters, Batteries
Solar Technology Internationalaward-winning company at the forefront of solar engineering and innovation
HDM Solarsupply premium renewable energy systems and supplies
Alternergysolar PV distributors, supplying high quality and excellent value solar solutions
Solar Electricsupplier of the highest quality European manufactured High Yield PV Modules
GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS (SOUTH WEST) LTDSolar Panel Installer bespoke solar systems which include kits for motor homes, boats, caravans
Polysolar LimitedLeaders in the development and integration of transparent solar solutions
TW-Solarvertically integrated solar manufacture
Sungift Solar & Sungift Energyinstall systems, energy solutions tailored to your home or business
ESE Group LtdProviding Renewable Energy Solutions Across The UK and installation of bespoke off-grid solar kits and off-grid solar systems
Joju Solarsolar energy, battery storage and electric car charging points
Homeco Energy LtdSpecialising in green energy solutions, record-breaking efficiency for your home or business
Jewel Renewablessupply and install a range of renewable energy products
Chiltern Solar Ltddesign, supply and installation of solar photo voltaic (pv) systems
Absolute SolarSolar PV Installers & Energy Solution Experts
UK Solar Power Best UK Solar Panel Manufacturers & Companies

UK Solar Power

UK Solar Power is a British-owned registered company offering reliable and quality-assured solar products globally. The brand was established in 2014 when a team of experienced directors identified a niche in the renewable energy market. Today, UK Solar Power has expanded its services to include installation of Electric Vehicle charging points and UK PV solar maintenance.

With over 21 global locations, the company offers top-quality British standard products and guarantees, multi-lingual but uncomplicated customer service, and competitive prices. Customers appreciate the peace of mind, value for money, and brand assurance that UK Solar Power offers.

GB-Sol Solar Panel Manufacturers UK

GB-Sol is a UK-based solar company that manufactures solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and mounting systems at its factory north of Cardiff. Established in 1999 as a spin-out from Cardiff University, the company has decades of experience in solar power generation. GB-Sol offers roof-integrated solar power systems, ruggedized panels, marine applications, and lightweight panels. They are committed to high-quality and reliability, with all panels made in an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified factory.

The company minimizes its carbon footprint and is a registered collection point for end-of-life solar panels. Its PV Slates product has been independently tested, comes with a 25-year warranty, and is MCS-certified. The Infinity solar roof is also available and offers a near-seamless glass roof with exceptional power generation capacity. GB-Sol’s roof-integrated solar PV system allows high-efficiency solar panels to be discreetly fitted within any type of roofing material.

Westech Solar UK

Westech Solar UK is the official UK and EU representative and supplier of Perlight Solar, providing customer service to customers throughout the region. They offer high-quality solar products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale projects, with a mission to provide a reliable, high-standard range of products and custom-made solutions while simplifying the procurement process and after-sales requirements.

Westech partners with Tigo Energy to add their advanced junction box to all Perlight PV modules and is also an official supplier of Project EV car chargers. The company also values social responsibility and offers products manufactured under regulated environments. With over 10 years of experience in the solar industry, Westech is a company that can be trusted and offers excellent customer service.

Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd UK

Maxeon Solar Technologies is a global leader in solar innovation, designing, manufacturing and selling industry-leading solar products under the SunPower and Maxeon brands to customers in over 100 countries. Established in 2020 as an independent company after spinning off from SunPower, Maxeon operates the SunPower brand in all global markets and the Maxeon brand in the US, Canada, and Japan.

They have more than 1,700 sales and installation partners globally and are committed to developing the best-in-class solar panel product lines and providing maximum flexibility for addressing all energy needs. Maxeon Solar Technologies’ panels are clean and backed by strong warranties up to 40 years for peace of mind.

Oxford PV

Oxford PV is a global pioneer and technology leader in perovskite solar cells, aiming to revolutionize the solar market by developing low-cost, highly efficient solar photovoltaic technology. With the largest team in the world exclusively focused on developing and commercializing perovskite-based solar technology, Oxford PV was established in 2010 as a spin-out from the University of Oxford. The company’s research and development site is located in Oxford, UK, and an industrial pilot line is situated near Berlin, Germany.

Since 2016, the facility has supported the transfer of their technology from lab to industrial equipment, and production will commence in 2023. With nearly $150 million in funding, Oxford PV partners with leaders in the strategic and venture capital investor communities, committed to operating sustainably and bringing their disruptive solar technology to the mainstream.

AES Solar Best UK Solar Panel Manufacturers & Companies

AES Solar

AES Solar, founded in 1979, was the first solar thermal collector manufacturer in Western Europe. The company continues to focus on improving solar energy as a sustainable energy source. CSR is at the core of their business, with a goal to prevent climate change through decarbonisation of energy supply and supporting local communities.

The AES Solar team is experienced and trusted to advise, design, and deliver renewable energy systems. They offer various products such as PV panels, Luminary Collector, battery bank system and off-grid system, along with maintenance services to ensure optimal performance.

Solarsense UK Limited

Solarsense, established in 1995, is a leading solar panel and clean energy technology installation company in the UK. They have completed over 14,000 residential, commercial, and industrial renewable energy installations and have won 19 regional and national awards for their expertise.

Their experienced team audits clients’ needs and recommends suitable technologies. They specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar panels and other renewable energy technologies. Solarsense places high emphasis on customer service and offers O&M services to ensure systems perform optimally throughout their lifetime. The company also invests in charitable projects yearly.

Mypower Best UK Solar Panel Manufacturers & Companies

Mypower Solar Company

Mypower is a UK-based company that provides commercial solar energy solutions to industrial, agricultural, and commercial clients. They design, install, and supply high-yield, efficient, and award-winning solar panels that reduce electricity bills, secure energy, future-proof electricity costs, and reduce carbon footprint. The company’s team takes a consultancy approach to enquiries and offers a full turnkey package from initial consultation to project sign-off, which includes facilitating surveys, managing planning applications, and providing ongoing maintenance.

Mypower has an excellent reputation built on repeat business, referrals, and recommendations. The company is headed up by Ben Harrison and has an experienced in-house installation team with several accreditations, including MCS, REAL, CHAS, and NAPIT, and uses superior brands for products. Mypower is debt-free and practices sustainability by recycling waste and having solar PV installed on its own buildings.

Floating Solar UK

Floating Solar UK is a subsidiary of Ciel et Terre International, offering a cost-effective solution of installing solar panels on bodies of water, conserving land and water to generate free green energy. The Hydrelio installations help increase energy independence without using up valuable land space and maximize the potential of unused bodies of water.

The technology has 20+ year lifetime and can withstand up to 118 mph winds and changes in water levels of up to 20 feet. The innovation delivers benefits to various organizations such as wineries, dairy farms, mining companies, and wastewater treatment plants.


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