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Top 30 Environmental Consulting Companies Ireland

Top Environmental Consulting Companies Ireland

Ireland is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich biodiversity, but protecting the environment is becoming increasingly important in the face of climate change and other environmental challenges. That’s where environmental consultants come in. Environmental consultants in Ireland work with businesses, government agencies, and individuals to ensure that their operations are environmentally sustainable and compliant with regulations.

In this article, we will explore the top environmental consultants in Ireland who are leading the way in promoting sustainable practices and protecting the environment. From environmental impact assessments to waste management, these companies offer a range of services to help clients achieve their environmental goals. So, whether you’re a business looking to reduce your carbon footprint or an individual seeking to make a positive impact on the environment, these environmental consultants in Ireland can help you achieve your goals.

Environmental ConsultantsConsultanting Services
ERM International Group LimitedCorporate sustainability & climate change,Mergers & acquisitions,Capital project delivery,Low carbon economy transition,Operational performance,Sustainable Operations and Compliance,Liability portfolio management & remediation,Safety services
MKO Planning and Environmental ConsultantsEnvironmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR),Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW),Site selection and identification,Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs),Waste licensing, permitting and registrations,EPA licensing and compliance,Environmental monitoring and reporting
Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants LtdEcological Impact Assessments (EcIA), Appropriate Assessment (AA), Ecological Surveys, On-site Ecology, Site Supervision & Management Plans
OSM Environmental ConsultingContaminated Land Assessment,Waste Management,Flood Risk Assessment (FRA),Hydrogeological Risk Assessment,Noise Impact Assessment,Environmental Consultancy,Environmental Monitoring,Drainage Assessment
Aeon EnvironmentalEnvironmental Noise,Environment & Safety,Environmental Impact Assessment,Workplace Air,Dust Monitoring,Surface Water & Groundwater,Nutrient Management Planning
O’Callaghan Moran & Associates (OCM)Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation,Hydrogeology and Hydrology,Environmental Due Diligence,Environmental Impact Assessment,Regulatory Approvals,Regulatory Compliance,
MCL ConsultingContaminated Land,Hydrogeology,Waste Management,Planning & Legal Services,Environmental Impact,Topographical Surveys,Air, Noise & Odour,Flood Risk,Ecology,Geotechnical,Environmental Monitoring
Woodrow Environmental ConsultantsEnvironmental Consultancy,Wind Farm Surveys,Sustainable Solutions,Project Animation & Management,Education & Training
ECOFACT Environmental ConsultantsStrategic Environmental Assessment (SEA),Habitat assessments, mammal surveys and bird surveys,Biological water quality assessments,Fisheries and protected aquatic species assessments,Intertidal and subtidal marine surveys,Water supply and waste water,Flood protection
ECOS Environmental ConsultantsWater | Waste | Wastewater,Resource Efficiency,Environmental Licences & permits,Environmental Management,Environmental Legislation
INIS EcologyFreshwater Ecology,Marine Ecology,Terrestrial Ecology,Environmental Supervision/ECoW
Kingfisher Environmental ConsultantsWaste Permits,Waste Collection Permits,Appropriate Assessment,ELV Facilities,Quarry Planning & EIAR
MARENCO Environmental ConsultantsEnvironmental Due Diligence & Environmental Audits,Environmental Management System (EMS) Installation,Environmental Due Diligence & Environmental Audits,Environmental Statements,Renewable Energy Project Licensing,Planning & Compliance Projects,Nature Conservation & Environmental Surveys,Nature Conservation & Environmental Surveys,Expert Witness
Verde Environmental Groupmanagement and remediation of complex oil spills and oil leaks,Innovative Environmetnal Products,design and scope of an individual site dewatering plan,expert advisory, monitoring and assessment services in soil air, water, waste, energy, noise and ecology disciplines
Aster Environmental Consultants LtdAppropriate Assessment,Environmental Impact Assessment,Farm Planning,Expert Witness Services
Neo Environmentalall stages of development from initial constraint analysis and feasibility studies, to full planning and design, discharging of conditions (including clerks of works) and conducting due diligence or acting as expert witnesses
Dixon Brosnan Environmental Consultantsspecialises in ecology, air, NIS/screening and water
Enviroguide Consultingspecialising in the areas of Environment, Sustainability, Waste Management, Planning, Engineering and GPS Land Surveying
Altemar LtdFrom initial baseline surveys in terrestrial and aquatic environments, to Appropriate Assessment screening, Environmental Impact Assessments, GIS, oil spill contingency plans, to the public dissemination of data and communications/PR
JKW Environmental Consultancyplanning, project supervision, construction management and auditing
Scott Cawley Ltdproviding ecological survey, impact assessment and management services to planning and development-related sectors
EirEco Environmental Consultantsprovides scientific assessments in industries including Wind Energy, Road Schemes, Residential Developments, Water Supply, Retail, Quarrying and Commercial Development
MERC Consultantsspecialise in the survey, mapping and assessment of marine and coastal habitats
McCloy ConsultingWater and Environmental Consultants
AONA Environmental ConsultingSpecialists In Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety Assessments
GreenTrackAgricultural Consultancy,Environmental Consultancy,
AWN Consultingoffering specialist design advice, expert witness and litigation support in respect of a wide range of engineering and environmental disciplines

Environmental Efficiency

Environmental Efficiency is an environmental consultancy firm founded in 1996 by two experienced consulting engineers. Their focus is on improving their clients’ environmental performance in a practical and cost-effective manner, building long-term relationships as a result. They specialize in energy and environmental consultancy across all types of manufacturing and commercial activity, serving multinational corporations as well as startups.

Environmental Efficiency offers a broad range of services ranging from environmental monitoring and audit to energy management systems. They have an expert team of environmental consultants with various qualifications, enabling them to offer solutions to environmental problems that are both cost-effective and practical.

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Top Environmental Consultants

ERM International Group Limited

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global company that provides environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability-related services. Established in 1994, ERM has been serving clients across Ireland and globally from its office in Dublin City Centre. ERM boasts of a multidisciplinary approach that is at the cutting edge of sustainability advice.

The company’s team in Ireland combines expertise and experience to address sustainability challenges that other market players cannot match. At ERM, sustainability is a business that supports clients throughout their business lifecycle and at all levels of the organization. It creates value by reimagining business models and portfolios while evaluating the impact of regulated and voluntary carbon markets on business strategy. ERM has a proactive approach to risk management, which helps to protect and enhance corporate reputation.

MKO Planning and Environmental Consultants

MKO Planning and Environmental Consultants

MKO is the biggest environmental and planning consultancy company in Ireland, providing services through multiple offices and teams of experts. Their team of professionals works across different specializations like ecology, project management, project communications, health and safety, land solutions, planning, environmental, and ornithology.

With extensive experience spanning sectors such as renewable energy, roads, ports, water, waste management, housing, quarrying, education, retail, and utilities, MKO ensures every proposed work is fit for purpose. They are committed to delivering successful projects while adhering to national and EU EIA directives and practical implementation of design and mitigation measures. They also offer on-site environmental monitoring and advice on license permits and waste industry regulations.

Anthesis Group

Anthesis, a global sustainability consultancy firm headquartered in Dublin, provides Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Sustainability, Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) support at both a strategic and operational level. Their services include M&A Environmental Due Diligence, Property EDD, and Environmental Liability Assessments. The company’s activator model enables multi-expert teams to design and deploy solutions and achieve productive, resilient organizations, ecosystems, cities, and communities.

Anthesis also provides complete strategic transformation and specialized implementation support. Anthesis is committed to delivering sustainable performance and combines broad and deep sustainability expertise with robust operational capabilities. As a B Corp™, they are truly committed to putting people and the planet at the heart of all they do.

OSM Environmental Consulting

OSM Environmental Consulting

OSM Environmental Consulting is an environmental consultancy firm based in Dublin, Ireland. The company was created in 2016 by Micheál O’Sullivan and Frank Macfarlane to provide innovative and director-led environmental consultancy services to clients of all sizes across Ireland. The company takes pride in its in-house technologies that offer accurate results and avoid extra costs and delays incurred by hiring third-party services.

The OSM team specializes in contaminated land assessment and has completed over 700 consultancy projects across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK. Flood risk assessment and drainage assessment are also provided. The team combines decades of private and public environmental consulting experience and aims to develop practical and sustainable solutions for clients.

Aeon Environmental Consulting Company Ireland

Aeon Environmental

Aeon Environmental is an Irish-owned environmental consulting firm that provides specialized services in environment, acoustics, and occupational health and safety. They offer consultancy services to clients across various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, engineering, pharmaceuticals, agri/food, and planning.

The company focuses on sustainability and practical solutions to help clients achieve their environmental goals. Their process includes a review stage to understand the project background and client needs, development of bespoke methods, assessment, evaluation, and communication with clients throughout the process. Aeon Environmental also provides assistance with Environmental Impact Assessment reports, including screening, scoping, and preparation of reports.

O'Callaghan Moran & Associates (OCM) Environmental Consulting Company Ireland

O’Callaghan Moran & Associates (OCM)

O’Callaghan Moran & Associates (OCM) is an Irish environmental consultancy established in 1997, offering services in environmental and hydrogeological consulting. With offices in Cork, the company provides support to both public and private organizations in Ireland, the UK, and Europe. Its business model aims to meet clients’ specific needs with cost-effective solutions, working with specialist environmental service providers.

The team includes geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, and geographic information system specialists. The company also prepares Environmental Impact Assessment Reports and advises Planning Authorities on Land & Geology and Water aspects of EIARs submitted with planning applications.

MCL Consulting Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland

MCL Consulting Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland

MCL Consulting is a leading environmental consultancy firm based in Belfast City center. Established in 2007, the company has over 30 years of local scientific experience and offers high-quality, client-focused services to clients across Ireland and the UK. With a team of twelve experienced scientists, MCL Consulting actively supports the development of its sciences through involvement with local organizations and universities. Additionally, the company specializes in the treatment and removal of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species.

Inis Environmental Group Environmental Consulting Company Ireland

INIS Ecology

INIS Ecology is a well-established ecological consultancy in Ireland, providing extensive services in the terrestrial, marine, and freshwater environments. The company offers solutions to balance vital ecological needs with technological progress. With expertise in identifying and investigating potential exposure to liability, INIS Ecology provides scientifically-accurate assessments of project needs, relevant data, and projected outcomes.

They build long-standing partnerships with clients while striving to become the ecological survey company of choice in Ireland. INIS Ecology has a team of experienced ecologists who offer full-time, in-house solutions, using proprietary tools and techniques, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations on all projects.

MARENCO Environmental Consultants Ireland

MARENCO Environmental Consultants

MARENCO is an independent environmental consultancy firm founded by James Francis and Paul McArdle in 1987 from the Queen’s University Belfast Marine Laboratory. Its services include environmental due-diligence assessment, environmental management system installation, renewable energy project licensing, nature conservation, and environmental surveys.

MARENCO works with a virtual team of scientific consultants to provide a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient service throughout Ireland and the UK. With IEMA accreditation, MARENCO delivers customized environmental audits and management programs unique to each client and site, tailored to improve long-term environmental performance. MARENCO celebrates its 30th anniversary and looks forward to the next decade with pride and optimism.


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